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Wedding & Portrait Photography Session Timelines


Portrait Proofing & Print Delivery Timelines


FLEXIBLE Payment Terms, Cancellation, Date Changes and Refund Policy


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Wedding Day Timelines


We are flexible in this area, it is your day and you decide your own wedding day timeline, however here is a guideline that we have found works great.  This can be revised if needed.  It is ideal to start your photography session two hours prior to the ceremony time; This means EVERYONE ready..... Hair and Make-up and EVERYONE (except the BRIDE) dressed at this time.  During this two hours, we photograph the bridal gown, the bride getting into her dress and last minute touch-ups on her hair and makeup.  Once ready the BRIDE is dressed, we photograph the bride alone, her with her bridesmaids and important family and friends; keeping the bride and groom separated and hidden from the guest as much as possible.  We also follow the same photographing procedure with the groom, his groomsmen, family and friends.  Once the groom portraits are complete, it is usually very close to ceremony time.  We then photograph the ceremony.  After the ceremony we photograph the Bride and Groom with their family units first, then the bridal party and then the BRIDE and GROOM alone.  Depending on the size of the bridal families and the bridal party itself, these group portraits usually take 30-45 minutes to complete.  Once these portraits are complete, we move on into the reception for the allotted amount of time defined in the wedding package chosen.  At the reception we capture the special events, food and guests as time permits.  Additional Time costs various from package to package; please see WEDDING PACKAGES for details.   Additional time payment is due at wedding.


Portrait Sittings

Portrait Sittings take approximately 30 minutes to one hour depending on the package chosen, subject, sitting expectations . (Children and Infants may take longer.)  We are patient and try to take as much time as need to capture your personality and charm.  We love our job and have a great time with my clients!



Delivery Timelines


Wedding & Special Event Portraits


Your portrait proofs will be ready to upload to your private on-line gallery within 2-4 weeks following the Event date.  You will be notified via e-mail that your images are ready and final payment is due.  Once your final payment is received, your portraits will be uploaded and viewable.  The uploading processes usually takes 24 to 48 hours - excluding weekends.  We will also email you ordering instructions from your package.


Wedding Portraits and Custom Designed Bridal Album orders are available for pick-up within 8 weeks of placing the order on-line.  We will contact you once your order is ready.   For out of town weddings,  Wedding Portraits and Custom Bridal Albums are Mailed First Class Mail within the same time frame as listed above plus one week shipping allowance.


Delays may occur during busy sessions and holidays - PLEASE be patient!


All Other Portraits

Your portrait proofs will be uploaded to and viewable in your private on-line gallery within 2 weeks following your sitting date.  You will be notified via e-mail that your images are ready, along with ordering instructions from your package.  The uploading processes may takes up to 24 to 48 hours - excluding weekends. 

Portrait orders are available for pick-up within 2 weeks of placing the order on-line.

Orders placed during holiday sessions and wedding sessions may have some delays.



Payment Terms


Weddings and Special Events


To SECURE and hold your wedding date or special event, we only require a deposit of 1/3 the wedding package price down at booking (this will range from $300 to $900).    Your second 1/3 payment is due on the Monday prior to YOUR WEDDING or in Cash on the wedding - AS SOON AS WE ARRIVE.  Your last 1/3 payment is due 2 to 4 weeks following your wedding when your portraits are ready to be upload to your on-line viewing gallery.  You will be notified via e-mail that your images are ready and final payment is due.


Once your date is secured; you can also make payments towards your wedding package at your convenience during the time between your wedding date.  We accept cash, checks and Credit Cards (admin fees apply).  Please see guidelines below.


WANT TO SAVE 5% off your package?  If you pay your wedding IN FULL at the time of booking, you will receive 5% off your package.



Cancellation, Date Changes and Refund Policy


Your booking deposit of 1/3 of your package price is non-refundable.


Your date is transferable (ONE TIME ONLY) without losing your deposit if you give us 30 days written notice prior to the original wedding date and a photographer is available for the new date.  If you do NOT give 30 days written notice of a date transfer, you will be liable for a $150 transfer fee.


If you pay more then 1/3 of your package price as a deposit and you cancel the event in writing within 30 days prior to your original wedding date, any monies paid over the 1/3 booking deposit is refundable.  If you do not give a written cancellation notice within 30 days of the original wedding date, all monies paid towards your package is NON-REFUNDABLE. 




Unfortunately, due to non-payers we have been forced to implement Late Fees on accounts that are not paid in a timely manner.  Please know that if your payment is not received within 10 days of notification that your proofs are ready to upload, a $50 late fee will be assessed, and an additional $25 fee will be assessed for every 30 days following.    Balances with Late fees must be paid in CASH, IN FULL before your proofs will be available on-line to view.


Return Checks


There sill be a return check fee of $50 for all checks that are returned.  The payment will be due in Cash and your images will not be viewable on-line until your account is brought current and all late fees are paid.


All Other Portrait Sittings

Your package price is due at the time of the sitting.


Credit Card Guidelines


If using a credit card, a fee of $10 per transaction is added to your payment total for processing and admin fees.  Also, if you are paying your 2nd, 1/3 payment, via credit card, you will need to make this payment 1 week PRIOR to the wedding date to allow for processing.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


Destination Weddings


Regular Pricing as listed above, plus Fuel/Flight Expense, Hotel and Portrait Shipping Expenses.  Please call for more details.







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