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Party Photo Booths    




Party Photo Booths are becoming the most fun and exciting idea for all events and celebrations all over the world....  WHY? They are SO MUCH FUN!

When you provide your guests with the excitement, entertainment and fun an APO Photo Booth rental brings to the event, your guests will stay longer, have a BLAST and take home a great personalized party favor. Once that curtain closes, you'll never know what your guests will be doing!

APO Party Photo Booths are Perfect for all events & celebrations; Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, Quinceaneras, Birthdays, Proms, Corporate Parties, Reunions and any other special occasion! APO Party Photo Booth will liven up the crowd at your next event - making it the best way to keep your guests entertained!




  • Entering The Photo Booth
As you enter the photo booth, a background of your choice, will be on one side and the camera, studio light and LCD screen will be on the other side. The booth can be setup so that the camera can be positioned on the left or right side as you enter; your location/setting may determine this.

You enter the booth and close the curtain for privacy. Easy to follow instructions will be displayed on the LCD touch screen along with a large and clearly visible "START" button. The instructions on the screen offer helpful tips for positioning yourself/group in the center of the frame.  It also gives reminders to smile into the camera lens and NOT at the LCD screen, as well as a reminder to push the start button when you are ready to begin your photo session!

  • Let The Fun Begin
Pressing the "START" button on the LCD screen to begin the photo booth session. It will give you some last-second reminders and also begin a count down from 4, then quickly display a smiley face along with arrows pointing towards the camera lens while the flash fires. After the first shot is taken, a quick message will suddenly appear on the screen telling you how you did. Then the second countdown from 4 takes place and so on. After 4 different photos are taken, a quick message will pop up telling you how you did and offer you a bit of encouragement. It will then quickly display the final message of approval, thank you for using the photo booth and ask you to exit the booth to receive your photo session print.
  • Time For The Results
Once you exit the photo booth, the next guests' can immediately enter and position themselves for the next session. Your print will start printing automatically with in 10 seconds of you exiting the photo booth. You and your guest can then hover around the printer in suspense as the printer prints out the results.

The entire print process takes about 20 seconds.  During this time the next group of guest can be getting their pictures taken. When the photos are done printing, the photo is instantly dry and ready to share. Your chosen password can also be displayed on the photo in a very inconspicuous location.

Then - Share your photos, think of new ideas to make your next photo even better. You and your guests are encouraged to go through as many times as they like.


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Hours Needed

Standard Rental Pricing

Double Prints Pricing

Double Prints & Scrapbook

2 hours $545 $585 $685
4 hours $745 $825 $925
6 hours $945 $1065 $1165

Book Us as your Wedding / Event Photographer and get 20% OFF your photo booth rental!

Rates are All-Inclusive - Our "Standard Rental" Includes ALL the following:


  • On-Site Attendant

Every photo booth rental from APO Party Photo Booths comes with an on-site attendant to help ensure that your guests maximize the photo booth experience. Our professional and courteous photo booth attendant will ensure the booth is operational during rental period. They will also assist your guests in using the booth and will explain to your guests how to log on to your new private web gallery and view and order photos for months to come.

  • On-Site Prints

Seconds after your guests exit the booth, our printer begins printing the photo from their photo booth session automatically! It takes about 30 seconds for the print to be fully printed, dried, and ready to share, but the next group of guests can already be inside the booth getting their pictures taken. We use the highest quality printers on the market so rest assured, your guests will be blown away by the on-site print quality!

  • Unlimited Sessions

Your guests are free to go through the photo booth as many times as they like. There is no limit to how many priceless photos our booths can capture. Simply add people and let the fun begin.

  • Free Props

Included in all of our rentals are super fun and silly props that your guests will love getting crazy with. If you prefer a more formal photo booth rental, that is NO problem, let us know and we will not bring any props to your event.

  • High Resolution Images

A few days following your event, you will receive an email containing a link to where you can download all of the high resolution images to print and share your pictures whenever and wherever you like. Or you can choose to have a photo DVD mailed to you however this option may take a week longer to get your files.

  • Private Web Gallery

We provide all our clients with a private web gallery free of charge and we host it for over a year! You and your guests can view and order reprints of all the photos including the individual files. There are many other photo type products to choose from too.

  • Customize It - SAMPLES BELOW

With APO Party Photo Booths, you get more options making the photos from your event truly unique. First, choose a configuration of how you would like your prints to look. Then choose a template that best fits your taste. Not sure how you want your prints to look? We’ll design a cool graphic for you free of charge. Next choose color, B/W, or Sepia Prints. You can also choose the background color for your party booth.

  • Professional Quality

All of our photo booths utilize professional cameras and studio lighting for superior image quality. Our print collages can be enlarged to 5x7 inch prints while the corresponding individual files (you will receive on your DVD) can be enlarged to 16x24 inch poster sized prints! We also use the highest quality printers available to give your guests incredibly sharp photos on the spot!


FREE Custom Designed Templates (screen & Image Strip)
Our double prints option comes with everything in our "Standard Rental" includes PLUS two copies of prints for each photo session.
When you add on this option, our booths will print out two copies of each photo session. You can treat your guests to double prints from each of their photo sessions by selecting this option. This means twice as many photo booth photos be passed around, which will add much more excitement to your event!
Our double prints, scrapbook & personalized video journal comes with everything our "Standard Rental" includes PLUS two copies of prints for each photo session, a beautiful scrapbook, all the scrapbooking supplies needed and a "personal video clip" from each guest as they arrive for your ceremony.

This option is designed with weddings in mind. It comes with every thing you need for your guests to create a two wonderful gifts to you; a Personalized Video Journal and a Beautiful Scrapbook both full of your wedding day memories.  The video journal is created as our attendant directs you guest into the party photo booth upon arriving at your ceremony - giving each guest / couple the chance to leave you a quick video clip to extend their congratulatory wishes, words of marital wisdom or words of encouragement and blessings.  This is a unique substitute for the traditional guest book.  For the personalized scrapbook We provide double prints on the spot, a beautiful scrapbook, elegant black pages, double-stick tape or glue sticks, gel pens, and the plastic sleeves to protect those pages for an eternity.  After each photo booth session, our attendant will direct your guests to take one print with them while placing the other in the scrapbook.  They will be encouraged to write a message to you by; being given creative and funny questions to answer or by being asked to give cute little messages, creative quotes or line-liners that may tear at your heart strings or gett you laughing till you cry.   This can also be a very popular idea for Sweet 16's, Mitzvahs, Retirement Parties and school events like Proms or Graduations.
  • Photo Booths – The Hottest New wedding Trend

The hottest new wedding trend is here - Party Photo Booth rentals! You have probably attended a wedding or event lately with a photo booth rental and already know first hand much fun they can be.... Party Photo booths and weddings are a perfect match. They are so popular because they are SO MUCH FUN!  The end result captured by your guest behind the red curtain will be fun and downright hilarious. Guests will try to "out-do" each others silly acts and expressions and rest assured..... All ages will get in on the FUN and will keep coming back for more!



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  • very Simple, care free Process

Entertaining your guests will be a breeze!  You are provided with an onsite booth attendant to assist your guests with capturing their silliness behind the curtain.  Our party photo booths are fully automated; which offers your guests hours of entertainment and unforgettable photos. You can book your event online today or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  Together we can make your celebration an event to be remembered by everyone!

Party Photo Booths are a BIG hit at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs! The kids love the photo booth and will in and out non-stop with their friends throughout the event. It's also a big hit with the families and adults and really helps to bridge the generation gap.  It gets everyone included in the fun; making for some very memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations. Guests of all ages will have a wonderful time and leave with the perfect gift to remember the fun and festivities. They will be talking for months to come!
Where is a GREAT place to include a party photo booth?  At the Celebration of a Sweet Sixteen or Quinceaneras birthday party!  This is an exciting time in your teens life in which all things will be remembered for years to come. You’ll create lifetime memories with ease and they will have an awesome time capturing the silly photos with all their friends. Even the adults will get in on the action and fun! Their friends will be raving about how it was the “Best Time Ever!”


  • JAZZ Up Your Corporate Event With A Party Photo Booth

Party Photo Booths are great for Holiday parties, customer / employee appreciation events and employee recognition banquets.  They are the fastest way to guarantee that your next event is a booming success.  When there is a photo booth at your event guests, customers, clients and employees will enjoy themselves, be more engaged and stay later.  This will also send your employee camaraderie through the roof! 

  • Fun, Effective Advertising

With a Party Photo Booth Rental at your event you have great opportunity for Branding of your company - The sides of our photo booths can display any advertisement / logo you would like.  We can also create a custom design to include your company logo, slogan or message for your guests on each photo booth photo. Each guest will leave with the branded memento to include your company’s logo or message on the bottom of each picture. Nothing could be better!

  • Quick, Simple And Care Free Operation

We offers an onsite professional host / attendant included in your photo booth rental and our quick photo printing process ensures your event is to be care free fun at its finest.



The best way to capture the memories from School is a Party Photo Booth rental. We can capture the memories of Dances, Graduation Parties, High School Overnight Parties, Proms and of course those High School Reunions.  Kids will have the best time creating, capturing and sharing their silly photos with their BFF's, school classmates and teammates..... And the adults will get right in on the action and fun.  A game of "one-upmanship" is sure to follow....The results will be outright hilarious!


  • New Years Eve Parties

New Years Eve is always a night to remember.... Make it extra memorable and exciting with the rental of a Party Photo Booth! Your guests let down their inhibitions and ring in the New Year in behind the red curtain and no letting what unforgettable moments will be captured!  Your guests will take home their very own mementos of the night.

  • Christmas / Holiday Parties

Christmas / Holiday parties are great opportunities for a fun filled successful event with a Party Photo Booth rental. It will keep your guests staying later and present hours of fun filled entertainment. The result....instant printed memories to keep and cherish (or use to blackmail) throughout the year.

  • Halloween Parties

Your guests will be arriving at your Halloween Party in all kinds of silly, scary outfits.  Some spending tons of mullah or loads of time and creativity on their hysterical costumes.  With a Party Photo Booth you can freeze those moments in time and capture them all on the spot!  Your Halloween Party will be a guaranteed HIT!



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  • Anniversaries

Anniversaries and photo booths are also a perfect match! What a great way to bridge the gap between the rowdy children and elderly folk. It's a unbeatable opportunity to capture those multi generation group photos that have not been taken in years. Everyone will leave with the perfect gift of printed memories from your anniversary party.

  • Birthday Parties

Your guests will have a blast competing for the best, most creative idea for a photo, all while getting together with old and new friends and capturing those priceless memories forever. It will keep the party going all night long and it will be remembered for years to come.






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